Gregory started on the path of pursuing a career in art in his very early childhood. His grandfather was a talented artist, and seeing the boy’s apparent inherited talent and interest for painting, Emvy’s parents sent him to art school. In 2001 Gregory graduated from Foundation Painting Program Arts School of Nizhny Novgorod at the age of sixteen and in 2004 from Fine Art Program, Arts School of Nizhny Novgorod. At the age of twenty-four he decided to dedicate himself to painting full-time. Gregory Emvy is part of a new wave of artists emerging from Russia, who step away from politics and the past. He represents the new generation of avant-garde.

Gregory Emvy works and lives in London and Moscow. Currently Gregory is established at the epicentre of design and brand identity, as part of his work for Beluga Russia brand and has already received much acclaim for his conceptualized projects which include: the recent Manifesta 10 in St Petersburg (2014), Fair Enough at Venice Biennale (2014) and at The Golden Age of Russian AvantGarde at Manege in Moscow.  To date Gregory Emvy has developed two conceptual collections of artworks: The Moment. True Faces and Human Souls. In October 2014, Gregory had his first successful art exhibition, Human Souls, held during the prestigious Frieze Week in London.

The Art

Current work

Human Souls. In his inimitable style, using oil colour painted hospital X-Rays, Gregory Emvy transports viewers on a macabre and mesmerising journey. Human Souls portray nihilistic and metaphorical life stories to create chapters that reveal equal measures of joyful and harrowing intrigue. “Whatever is written in the script, what lies within us is the essence”, — admits the artist. X-ray is a mirror and a second reality. Emvy is acting as a “surgeon” – peeling layer after layer off human essence. Using X-ray to dissect our subverted and complex nature allows him to be explicit in conveying his thoughts, in short stories.
 “Sometimes you think a person is all right, but take a closer look and you soon realise that he’s already dead and rotten.” — explains the artist. Through diligent study of anatomy and unraveling of the human psyche, Gregory Emvy suggests that using X-rays are his medium to confront a deeper level of human essence beyond tangible cloth. Emvy challenges himself to distill all sentiment from his works. To expose raw emotion and stripped from all constraint, he nullifies all vices, which enables him to create a window, bearing his soul through his body of work. “Everything we do – is a choice between life and death. Everything we do gets us one step, perhaps two, closer to one of these extremes.” – says the artist.

The moment. True Faces is Gregory’s first collection of paintings, consisting of works, dedicated to people caught in various life situations. Gregory takes a keen interest in behavioural expressions of persons who found themselves in a state of hardship and having to carry the burden of their severe misfortunes. He creates a world with its own characters and their own tragedies, quirks, and passions, but still keeps close to reality. Gregory sees real life as a creativity faced with situations that may seem insurmountable, and that makes Gregory’s works special and stand out. 
The collection reflects the emotional attitude of the people experiencing severe distress. Be it imminent disaster, crushed hopes or committing a sin. The collection is divided into 3 Series. The subject of the Series 1 is based around feelings – fear, resentment, hope and sexual desires.  The paintings in the Series 2 are accomplished through metaphors without sending any direct message. With Series 3 the artist goes further with his messages. He writes situational works that do not talk directly about the topic.